Can I contact the person who reviewed my assignment?

It's against FutureLearn's Code of Conduct for learners to provide or request private contact details from each other. Some courses provide a dedicated step where learners can reflect and comment on the feedback they've received. If you have anything particular to say about the review, you can comment on that step to let your reviewer know about it.

My assignment hasn't been reviewed yet. What do I do?

Assignment reviews on a short course

Since assignments and assignment reviews are optional on our short courses, we can't guarantee that every assignment will receive a review.

Please don't worry - you can still continue with the course as before, and your progress score won't be affected. Just click on the Next step arrow at the bottom of the step, as you would with any other course step, and you'll move on with the course.

Assignment reviews on an ExpertTrack

Due to the nature of peer reviews, we can't guarantee a time-frame for when these reviews will be completed. 

If you have completed all the courses in your ExpertTrack then we recommend cancelling your subscription to the ExpertTrack via your account area (further instructions available here) while you wait for your peers to complete their reviews.

Even if you cancel your subscription before your assignment is reviewed, you will receive a certificate as long as:

  • You score at least 70% on your assignment
  • You have completed all other requirements of the course, such as passing any other assessments and reviewing assignments by other learners
  • You have met all the other eligibility criteria

Please be aware that if you do not receive a passing grade, you will need to reactivate your subscription in order to resubmit your assignment.


Where do I find my assignment feedback?

When you receive feedback on your assignment, you should receive an email notification to let you know about it.

You can then look over the feedback you received in the Reflection step, which you'll normally find one or two steps after the Assignment review.